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If You’re Suffering From Obstructive Sleep Apnea

At the office of Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we specialize in treating oral pathology and facial trauma as well as performing a wide range of surgical procedures on both the hard and soft tissues in the mouth, head, and neck area. From complex dental extractions, biopsies, apicoectomies, and corrective jaw surgery to bone graft procedures, sinus lifts, and the placement of dental implants, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon provides the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care.

As everyone knows, a full night of uninterrupted sleep is vital to one’s overall health and well-being. If your loud snoring is keeping everyone in your household awake, or if you’re not getting the restful night’s sleep you require, obstructive sleep apnea may be to blame. According to statistics, obstructive sleep apnea is a widespread condition that affects approximately 25 million adults throughout the United States. If you are one of the many struggling with this condition, our office can help. We understand the complex relationship between airway function and oral anatomy.

The symptoms and potential consequences of obstructive sleep apnea

In addition to the intermittent blockage of airflow and breathing cessation, those who suffer from sleep apnea can also experience abrupt awakenings and episodes of gasping for air. Because sleep apnea interrupts the normal sleep cycle, sufferers also tend to experience daytime symptoms, such as fatigue, headaches, and difficulty concentrating. And there are broader implications as well. Obstructive sleep apnea is often a factor in motor vehicle accidents and may contribute to the development of serious medical conditions such as:

• Cardiovascular problems
• Diabetes
• Cancer
• Glaucoma
• Cognitive and Behavioral Issues

Solutions in Care

As a skilled specialist, our oral and maxillofacial surgeon is well equipped to treat sleep apnea and can provide a wide range of therapeutic services ranging from behavior modification, oral appliances, or a CPAP device, to surgical procedures to improve airway function and alleviate the symptoms of the condition.

At the office of Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care. For more information on our office and the many services that we provide, give us a call today.